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TC UP New...
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TC UP New...

I ran into a couple of problems with "TC UP New...". As I think, some of them are missing features, I believe, that other things could be improved or fixed.

I will list them all... for further explanation, what I mean, ask me Wink

1.) TC UP New... internal tab order is a mess... when I try to tab between the controls on that form, the tab seem to jump from here to there in no logical order
2.) TC UP New... should at all times set to foreground and receive focus... Usually when I press F7, I enter several letters and must recognize, that TC UP New is behind TC UP Main Window and I enter my text into the search window of TCUP
3.) TC UP New... should use the current windows theme (per default)... at least even if I disable the skins, the Fonts of the Buttons are not on system standard
4.) The Popup menus on the "open and close option buttons"... I think, it would be better to replace them by SpeedButtons/Toolbuttons
5.) One of the central main features of the totalcmd in-built directory creation dialog is (at least for me), that I can create a couple of cascading subdirectories (e.g.: if I enter "Music\Metal\Iron Maiden\Powerslave" into the original dialog, I receive the whole path...)...
6.) Shortcuts on the form would be fine... (e.g. "&Directory", "&File")
7.) As I am using the Microsoft's Advanced Alt+Tab Replacement PowerToy [http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx], I receive everytime I use TC UP New... 2 TC UP New... Window Handles ... one of them should not be necessary
8.) A fault of myself (as I am responsible for the German translation) is, that some of the explanation lines in the configuration dialog are not visible, because the text is too long or badly arranged... probably could the config dialog form be a little bit resized Wink

I think, that would be enough for the meantime Wink

2007-08-10 13:45:08
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