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Attention, despite repeated attempts to report it as a mistake, Microsoft Defender antivirus, try to kill the TC UP project at all costs, UNREASONALLY blocks the download of the tcup87.exe file, claiming FALSE that it contains a virus.

It's blocking the file just because it's called Total Commander Ultima Prime, please see this video showing how Defender behaves.

On the VirusTotal website, you can see that the file is 100% clean.

Probably the only way to stop this madness is for users to report tcup87.exe as "Incorrect detection" on the filesubmission site and check "Allow" when Defender blocks downloaded file.

Help us clear the project's good name!

To install TC UP, you must download both files and place them next to each other!

TC UP 8.7 .exe _ 2023 04 30 _ 43.89 MB


TC UP 8.7 .data _ 2023 04 30 _ 760.83 MB


If you are a TC UP user - please support project development:

TC UP 8.6 _ 2022 12 31 _ 849.24 MB


TC UP is 100% clear - DOES NOT HAVE any viruses/malware/trojans etc.
However, if your antivirus suggests so (stops downloads), report it to the AV manufacturer, who is destroying our good name, earned over 18 years.

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